Languages of Baroque
Memorial columns display more complex iconography than plague monuments.
Discussion of Baroque iconography would not be complete without mentioning the numerous columns – some celebrating the victorious Catholic Church and others commemorating the Black Death – which are characteristic features of almost every Central European town. They all may differ in type, the quantity of sculptures on them and in quality, but there are two main groups: one where a statue of the Virgin Mary stands on the top and the other dedicated to the Holy Trinity. While memorial columns display more complex iconography, plague monuments contain sculptures of patrons against the plague, among whom the most common are St. Roch, St. Sebastian, St. Rosalia, St. Francis Xavier, St. Charles Borromeo, St. Barbara and St Rosalia.
Plague Column

Valtice, Moravia, Czech Republic
M. I. Gunst
The column, crowned by the Virgin Mary vanquisher of evil, was erected in gratitude at the end of the plague epidemic. It was among the first columns of its kind in Moravia.