Name of Object:

Ships in a Harbour


Budapest, Hungary

Holding Museum:

Budapest History Museum

 About Budapest History Museum, Budapest

Date of Object:

Second half of the 18th century

Artist(s) / Craftsperson(s):

Unknown artist

Museum Inventory Number:


Material(s) / Technique(s):

Oil on panel


H: 20 cm, w: 40 cm


Family of Count Zichy

Type of object:



A finely executed Baroque painting of a harbour with ships and throngs of people on the shore. The composition is a rare example of a small size genre piece, which may have been part of a series. The execution of the painting is finely detailed, and contrary to its small size, the work is of high quality. This is an unusual representation within the iconography of this type of picture. Scenes of everyday life became common in the 17th and 18th centuries, and depictions of the “low-life” of peasants and the “high-life” of the aristocracy, featuring fashionably dressed figures in different scenes were also common. The popularity of seascapes and maritime pictures spread to Hungary by way of Flemish and Dutch painting. Small seascapes (zeekens) were a very popular theme representing – like this painting – imaginary views of exotic ports.

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A finely executed Baroque genre painting of a harbour with ships and throngs of people on the shore. Because of these and other features, the painting represents a rare example among Baroque seascapes.

Original Owner:

Family of Count Zichy

How date and origin were established:

By historical data

How Object was obtained:

From the bequest of Count Jenő Zichy in 1903.

Selected bibliography:

Budapest az Újkorban (Budapest in the Modern Times), (ed. G. Szvoboda Dománszky), Budapest, 1995, p.29

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