Name of Object:

Perspective with a Banquet Scene


Bologna, Italy

Holding Museum:

Collezioni Comunali d'Arte

 About Collezioni Comunali d'Arte, Bologna

Date of Object:


Artist(s) / Craftsperson(s):

Ferdinando Galli Bibiena  (1657, Bologna-1743, Bologna)

Museum Inventory Number:

P 1

Material(s) / Technique(s):

Oil on canvas


173,3 x 229 cm

Workshop / Movement:




Type of object:

Architectural painting

Period of activity:

First half eighteenth-century

Place of production:



Ferdinando Bibiena was a great architect and scenographer. Working with his sons, Bibiena shared the artistic and theatrical Italian fashion of architectural perspective throughout Europe. In his last years he was a professor at the Accademia Clementina. His teachings promoted a predilection for perspective painting as an autonomous decorative genre that soon became very fashionable all over Europe.
Bibiena painted this picture in 1721, upon returning to Bologna after a long stay in Vienna. There is a pendant of the same subject which was painted by a follower of Bibiena. Monumental architecture, arches, vaults, columns, and balustrades are on an angular perspective. Side vanishing points make the space deeper and convey the impression of a theatrical scene. The small figures taking part in the sumptuous banquet in the foreground come from different directions. They are positioned at the base of enormous columns, thus emphasising the magnificence of the architecture.

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The painting was commissioned by the Accademia Clementina to Ferdinando Galli Bibiena in 1721. It was presented to the Senate of Bologna to celebrate the homecoming of the celebrated scenographer and theatrical architect and his congregation to the local Academy of fine arts. Magnificent architectural elements on an angular view form an eclectic and fantastic ensemble, the theatrical side of the baroque taste for illusion.

Original Owner:

Accademia Clementina

How date and origin were established:

Documents in the State Archive of Bologna show that the painting was already finished on the 6th of November 1721. The Accademia Clementina had already decided to have it delivered to the apartment of Gonfaloniere, on the first floor of Palazzo Comunale.

How Object was obtained:

The painting, originally located on the first floor of Palazzo Comunale, was moved to the museum, on the second floor of the same building, in 1992.

Selected bibliography:

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