Name of Object:

St. Francis Xavier Preaching in Goa


Lisbon, Lisbon, Portugal

Holding Museum:

Lisbon's Holy House of mercy / Museum of São Roque

Date of Object:

c. 1619

Artist(s) / Craftsperson(s):

André Reinoso (c.1590, Province of Beira, Portugal–after 1641) and his collaborators

Museum Inventory Number:


Material(s) / Technique(s):

Oil on canvas


H: 104 cm; w: 165 cm

Workshop / Movement:

Naturalistic tenebrism, Iberian painters


Church of São Roque

Type of object:


Period of activity:

Before 1623–1641

Place of production:



The set of 20 paintings portraying the life of St. Francis Xavier (1506–1552) form the back-piece to a large chest-of-drawers in the sacristy of the 16th-century Church of St. Roque, and are the work of the Portuguese proto-Baroque painter André Reinoso and collaborators. Installed in 1619, three years before the official canonisation of St. Francis Xavier on the 12th March 1622, the set of paintings form part of a religious “propaganda” exercise to highlight the life and work of the great Jesuit missionary, which it was hoped, would speed up the process of his canonisation by the Catholic Church. The paintings were inspired by the first Portuguese biography of the saint written by Father João de Lucena (Histórica da Vida do Padre Francisco Xavier, e do que fizerão na Índia os mais religiosos da Companhia de Jesus) published in Lisbon in 1600.
The scene featured here shows the saint ardently preaching in the cosmopolitan city of Goa shortly after his arrival there in 1542. The picture has particular interest from an ethnographic viewpoint in that it shows the variety of oriental customs as well as recording different social classes. In the picture a crowd of new converts: men, women and children, as well as Portuguese noblemen watching on horseback, surround the saint. The background scene features a landscape fashioned in the Italian style.

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This oil on canvas painting, part of a set of 20, is attributed to the Portuguese proto-Baroque painter André Reinoso (c. 1590-1641). Commissioned by the Society of Jesus for the sacristy of the Jesuit Church of St. Roque, this and other paintings of the set form the back-piece to a large chest-of-drawers installed in 1619, three years before the canonisation of the great missionary of the Far-East, St. Francis Xavier.

Original Owner:

Society of Jesus

Current Owner:

Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa / Museum of São Roque

How date and origin were established:

This painting, as well as the other ones that make up the painted cycle dedicated to the life of St. Francis Xavier, was attributed to André Reinoso by the Art Historian, Prof. Vitor Serrão, after a thorough research on Reinoso’s life and his works, in the decade of 1990.

How Object was obtained:

Church of São Roque, Sacristy (Lisbon), the work commissioned by the Society of Jesus to the painter André Reinoso and his collaborators.

Selected bibliography:

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