Regional Museum

Mikulov, Czech Republic

The headquarters of the Regional Museum in Mikulov is an imposing chateau that overlooks the picturesque town that lies between Brno and Vienna. The border between Moravia and Austria was once guarded by a medieval castle founded by Czech King Otakar Přemysl I. Its Gothic defence towers, which still stand out from the body of the castle, are a reminder of Mikulov‘s historical significance. The owners of the town – the Liechtenstein and Dietrichstein families – gradually developed the residence according to their requirements, creating the present Baroque elegance. The Dietrichstein gallery is dedicated to this noble Moravian family, members of which helped shape European history. Through the stories of its individual members, it presents the history of the region. On display are paintings from the 17th to the 20th centuries, along with a portrait gallery of prominent family members and their children. The Dietrichsteins held court in Mikulov from 1575 until the end of the Second World War, and the fortunes of the town were closely linked with their social, political, and economic power. The gallery includes exhibits on the history of the chateau, the town and the Mikulov estate. The exhibition, Traditional Viticulture in Moravia examines the history of wine cultivation in the area: from its very beginnings; production and sale through to modern viticulture and winemaking. It demonstrates the traditional cultivation of grapevines and the annual cycle in the vineyard; the pests that afflict the grape vine and the history of how they are fought.

Zámek 22/1
69201 Mikulov
Czech Republic

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Mgr. Petr Kubín
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