Eszterháza Centre for Culture, Research and Festivals

Fertőd, Hungary

© Eszterháza Központ (Batár Zsolt)© Eszterháza Központ (Batár Zsolt)© Eszterháza Központ (Batár Zsolt)

Since 1 January 2015 the Hungarian participation is managed by ECCRF, which took over from The National Trust of Monuments for Hungary further to a reorganisation of the Hungarian cultural heritage authorities.

The independent Eszterháza Centre for Culture, Research and Festivals was established on 1 March 2014. The establishment of the institution is a great step in the life of the Esterházy palace since it opens the path for a blossoming revival of the palace and the estate of Eszterháza. It means not only the refurbishment and re-installation of the palace museum but also the foundation of an international Haydn Research Centre, the care of the gardens and the estate and, last but not at least, the refreshment of the music life of the site.

The newly established institution will provide opportunities for experts, scholars, students and artists in many domains to study and explore the multifaceted cultural life of the Esterhazy court in the past and will also establish a creative environment of concerts and master classes for world famous and established artists and for young talents as well. The centre would like to cultivate collaboration, cultural dialogue and creative and active exchange between artists and scholars at the academic and university level. The aim is to break disciplinary boundaries, to introduce new perspectives and to provide a suitable, internationally networked environment for interdisciplinary research. Concerts and festivals are organised within the boundaries and the education of the young generation in the framework of the museum pedagogical activities (including special music pedagogy) is emphasised. In addition to the museum, research and musical activities there is an intense horticultural life since there is a huge garden accessible to the general public. The institution runs a series of projects including the partnership with MWNF.

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Head of Repository / Department of Science
Dr. Áron Tóth Ph.D
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