Institute of Art History, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

Brno, Czech Republic

The Institute of Art History is a research centre belonging to the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, founded in 1953. It is a member of the Research Institutes in the History of Art (RIHA). The institute develops research on history and theory of fine arts, architecture and aesthetics. Individual departments of the Institute are focused on mediaeval, early-modern and modern art, topography and documentation of art historical monuments. The Institute runs a specialist public art historical library and is the centre for Studia Rudoplphina (specialist research on the art and architecture of Emperor Rudolph II), Sepulcralia et Epigraphica (focused on research into sepulchral art and epigraphy), and the Centre for Baroque Ceiling Panting (member of The Research Group for Baroque Ceiling Painting in Central Europe). Since 1971, the Institute has also documented the Czech art historical bibliography. It also publishes the prestigious journal Umění, the only Czech scientific periodical focused exclusively on the fine arts. Last but not least, the cycle of lectures Collegium Historiae Artium offers yet another platform for the presentation of art historical research. The research fellows of the institute are authors of various articles, books and papers, curators of exhibitions and other projects on art and architecture, and teachers at different universities and technical schools.

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Czech Republic

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Early Modern Art
Dr. Martin Mádl
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Assistant of the Director
Václava Pštrossová
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