Muzeum Brněnska, Museum of Literature in Moravia

Rajhrad, Czech Republic

Since 2005, Museum Brněnska has been based in a Benedictine (Cistercian) monastery in Rajhrad. Recently (2008) the grand historic library (around 65,000 volumes) was complimented by another extensively restored permanent exhibition space dedicated to literature. Alongside other temporary exhibitions, some of Moravia’s most significant literary figures from the ninth century through to the present day are featured. The restored Benedictine library is open to visitors and its holdings are open to outside specialist scholars.
Housed in the former 13th-century Cistercian monastery that was built in the spirit of Předklášteří or “cairn of peace” to honour the fallen of Napoleon’s victorious Battle of Austerlitz, it was intended according to the priest, A. Slovak, to make a pious “place of light” from a former battlefield. The monastery is the highlight and natural centre of the protected area of the Battle of Austerlitz.
Besides visiting the chapel, the multimedia exhibition (available in five languages) The Battle of the Three Emperors: Slavkov/Austerlitz 1805, housed in a newly renovated museum adjoining the monument, is also highly recommended.
Every year at the beginning of December, a ceremony to honour the soldiers who fell in the Battle of Austerlitz takes place in the area surrounding the monument; the climax to the commemorative events of the anniversary of the battle.

Klášter 1
664 61 Rajhrad
Czech Republic

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