Province of Rome (Città metropolitana di Roma Capitale)

Rome, Italy

Façade of the Palazzo ValentiniPalazzo Valentini, stairway, statue of AthenaPalazzo Valentini, meeting room, Teofilo Patini, Nello studio di Salvator Rosa (1872)

Today, the province is the local entity at the very heart of the relationship between state, region and municipality, making it mediator, reference point and coordinator for citizens, services and infrastructure in the city of Rome and its municipalities.

If the state is responsible for governing in general matters, the regions for legislating and the municipalities for providing administrative support for the law, the provinces play an important role in planning, which includes the public’s need and desire for resources, within a geographical area that is larger than individual local communities.

In short, the province is where local authorities are expected to communicate with one another to strengthen their own potential: road safety, professional training, employment policy, food and farming guarantees, soil protection, school building and territorial planning are the key responsibilities of provincial administrations.

Since 1990, the Province of Rome has also been responsible for optimising its cultural assets, which it does through study and research, restoration work, and protecting and safeguarding architectural, archaeological and historical-artistic heritage in the province.

Protection of cultural assets is assured in partnership with the province’s municipalities by means of targeted public announcements and by direct action both on monumental and historical sites such as palaces, castles, abbeys and archaeological deposits, and on individual objects such as paintings, sculptures, musical instruments or any other artefact having a specific artistic value.

There are various learning and documentary resources available in the sector, such as the Laboratory of Archaeological Cartography and the Library of Archaeology, Art History and Architecture.

The Province of Rome was officially created on 15 October 1870. It now contains 120 municipalities, as well as the capital city itself. Its official seat is the historical Palazzo Valentini, which still contains ancient sculptures and paintings from different periods.

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